Spoil your dog to better health with Puptastic Naturals Treats

Dear Fellow Dog Lover,

If you’re like me, your favorite topic is new ways to spoil your furry baby.  This letter is about how to spoil him or her without the fear of ruining their health.

My 6 year old Yorkie is named Pixie.  He is my constant companion.  I have spoiled him since the minute we laid eyes on each other, when he was just 8 weeks old.  I liked sneaking Pixie into places in my purse.  Since he’s a Teacup, weighing in at only 4 pounds, and very well behaved, it was easy for him to go unnoticed. 

I loved spoiling him with little pieces of food while I was cooking dinner for the rest of the family . . . until he started having stomach problems.  He started with gas and bloating.  Then Pixie graduated to vomiting and other symptoms of Pancreatitis.  I was at my wits end when I took him to the vet. 

It turns out my baby was suffering because of the “treats” I was giving him.  Not just the table scraps but also the bag of treats I used to train him with and let him know how much I love him.  I still wanted to spoil him, but had to find a way that wouldn’t affect his health and my conscience.

I am a careful pet parent, so, of course, I wouldn’t give him anything I knew to be dangerous, but even the “junk food” dog treats (wheat flour, meat by product meal, even corn syrup), eventually took their toll.

I was so glad when my vet, recommended Puptastic Naturals Treats.  They were just the right size and very good for him.  They only contain whole, organic ingredients.  Once his stomach returned to normal, I never left home without them.  He loved them so much, and they were so good for him, I felt good about giving them to him as a reward instead of table scraps. 

The difference has been astounding!!!

He hasn’t suffered anymore stomach upset ever since I started giving him Puptastic Naturals Treats.  I thought I was going to have to give him boiled chicken for the rest of his life, but thanks to these treats, I’ve found a healthy alternative.  And what a bonus to find out they make them with only high quality, USDA human meats and vegetables.

These are the best treats I’ve found for my dog.  I’ll never change to anything else.  Thanks for giving me back my traveling companion.  I now recommend Puptastic Naturals Treats to all our friends at the dog park and everywhere we go.

Yours truly,